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Alex-Morgan Alan-Davis Florian-Mraz

Hot diddley Damn, is there anything better than a hot, raw dick up your arse? YES - TWO and this lucky plucky lad is getting it always. Alex Morgan is our very willing and very able bottom, taking on Alan Davis and Florian Mraz as they use every hole the can fit, flinging him on the fuck bench to expose mouth, arse and sexy lil Alex is LUVIN' it luvin' it. The guys take it in turns sliding their hot poles into his eager mouth, right down his hot, wet throat, then when they're good and spit lubed, OOOOOH daddy! Its hard to choose an end, every holes a goal and he's pushing back for every hot bareback inch as Alex and Florian take their pleasures, slam--dunka fucking this hottie. And such handsome strapping, overly hung guys, he'll be sitting on a rubber ring tonight!

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