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Andro Maas & Brent Taylor

There's a very warm welcome for our favourite, bi-sexual - Brent Taylor ( " I fuck girls and men fuck me'') as we couple him with UKNM stunner - Andro Maas. Cock-hungry - Brent is at that glory hole like a starving man, and the dick thats presented to him would be enough to quell anyones hunger, but once Brent has got that delicious, dark, uncut cock in his mouth he's rampantly ready to get his arse stretched good 'n' proper, you know how dick-ravenuous this lad can be, especially when he sees the man behind the big, stiff, dark dick, Andro Maas, YUM! Sexy red-head Andro serves it up hot and hard to our eager bottom boy, Brent takes it like a man and then some, as he rides, bends and generally bends himself into any position that can expose his hungry hole to more hot, uncircumcised cock

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