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Brice Moorewood & Erik Spector

When burly meets yummy. We pitted dirty blonde, bearded, ripped hunk - Brick Moorewood against stunning, dark and lean - Erik Spector, and its a spunky, squelchy and very steamy session as Erik really could not get enough of Handsome Brick's big, uncut and very raw dick up his arse. There's something super sexy about Brick, he's a great swaggering, hunk-a-spunk, broad shoulders, big, hard thighs, there's just nothing small here and Erik is very appreciative of that masculine weight and the thunderous thrusting his hot hole is getting. Erik sucks the meat to full, stiff attention and then he's bent over by Brick's big paws and fucked like a dog, Brick's pretty much straight, he'll suck a dick but he's really only interested in getting his rocks off and handsome Erik is just a selection of holes to this guy! kinda demeaning but kinda sexy? Erik luvs the hot, bareback fuck and can't wait to feel that cock burst with cum and splash his guts with spunk!

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