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Chris Denny and Rick Palmer

Description:Rick Palmer is back, our insatiable, cock 'n' cum hungry sub boy just can't get enough raw dick up his fuck-hole. This cute floppy fringed hottie is revved up and ready so we've pitted him against big, burly bastard Chris Denny - lets see if Rick can take it like man! Rick is on his knees before you can say ' cum dumpster', sucking that juicy uncut joint for all he's worth and sexy Chris is all in proportion as wide as he is tall as he is HUNG - and of course uncircumcised- we know you gents like a foreskin to get your tongue under!! Rick is on his back, legs akimbo, having the breath crushed out of him even as Chris is fucking the jizz out of his balls. These lads like it hot n sticky!!

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