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Dale Madden & James Huck

Dale Madden is revved up and raring to go, wouldn't you be if sexy, lithe, toned and hung - James Huck was laid out infant of you, stretching his juicy, sweaty hole wide for your throbbing cock and eager tongue. Dale is on his knees mouth open wide begging for that thick, uncircumcised cock and James is very eager to roll back his foreskin and push that pulsating member, up to his heaving balls in that hot mouth. James's cock is rock hard and as his dick stiffness so there's a little 'give' in his arse, just aswell - thats a fat, raw dick he's gonna be taking. James straddles the hot meat and lowers himself onto its pulsating head, feeling his sphincter stretching, its such a painful pleasure it takes his breath away - as he inhales a calming breath so that fat dick sinks excruciatingly slowly right up to the balls within the hot, muscular walls of his throbbing fuck-hole. Sit tight boy, as soon as you've got your breath back this hunks is gonna fuck you like there's no tomorrow !

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