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Damian Boss and Rob Banner

He's back! It's club-dicked hottie Damian Boss - I just luv that dick, imagine that stretching you on the way out, YOWZER, no wonder stunning cutie Rob banner is writhing in such ecstasy. Its Rob's first time at UKNM but he's obviously having a great time and Damian is SO turned on he cums in Rob's mouth - thats a hot moment, Rob sucking and working that dick until it blows in his face and Then straight after - our oversexed top slides the raw, cum dribbling tool up Rob's hot hole and pumps him red raw until he's CUMMING AGAIN - sliding the weighty meat out and hands-free jizzing all over his hot, gaping, freshly ploughed hole. WOW, now that's hitter than the pavements of hell! YUM

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