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Dan Johnson & Mickey Taylor

Hurrah, he's back - Mickey Taylor, and he's coupled with the big, brawny, studly - Dan Johnson and....erm..someone else! Sexy Mickey Taylor has gone punk, blue hair and red hot attitude, he can't get enough uncut cock, we scripted this for a hot-duo-fuck but when Mickey saw that juicy uncut, anonymous cock at the glory hole, he just couldn't resist and was on that with his hot lips and his even hotter, tighter arse, getting himself fucked from both ends. And who can blame him ?! Dan Johnson is the kind of sexy thug that would get anyone hot under the collar. Mickey couldn't wait to suckle on that fat, rigid, weighty uncircumcised cock. He has Dan moaning with pleasure in seconds as his big dick juts out like a lightning rod. Mickey's sucking the anonymous cock at the glory hole then Dan, then using his sweet little arse on both of them, this lad is absolutely cock mad. But big burly Dan sorts him out and leaves him emptied and sated, with a hot, aching, well stretched arse hole!

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