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Danny Boss and Yah-Jil

These lads are disgusting, Yah Jil with that big, unwieldy, uncut cock and new stunner ( hubba hubba) Danny Boss - are out in the open in plane view of a motorway, we watched this scene and were disgusted by their blatant exhibitionism, fucking out there in the open where anyone could see them, like dirty pigs. We watched a few more times and were equally disgusted every time. The sight of Danny bending over, spreading his hairy sweat, bum cheeks and Yah Jil's thick, dark dick sliding up in there, up, right up to his balls and then using that hole to milk his groaning dick until he's bursting and ready to shoot his hot, steaming sperm - really its too much, so we've written to our MP and asked that they take action!!

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