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Dave London and Donnie Marco

Ahhh we know Dave from way back, good to get this total exhibitionist back in the saddle and into the willing mouth of the super sexy Donnie Marco. So much hot man, and so much rippling - peeeeel it back - foreskin. Its an intergenerational thing as our strapping English daddy ( a good Northern bloke) takes a good, stiff length from his young, cum-filled, chum - Donnie. There's a special - mean looking fucker vibe about Donnie, always a pleasure to watch him ploughing and seeding and Dave is very appreciative, as he straddles that juicy joint his own big dick bobbing about like flag pole. These gents know how to fuck and Daddy dave is getting it always! Yum yum so much cum, there's nothing quite as hot as an exhibitionist getting fucked daft!

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