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Learning the Ropes

Dean spends the morning auditioning the entertainment but his phone doesn't stop ringing... eventually he's called away, leaving stripper Lincoln wondering what to do...Seeing poor Lincoln, naked and looking lost, Harley feels sorry for the lad and decides to show him some affection. The trouble is, Harley's always confused affection with a good hard fuck, which is exactly what Lincoln gets - and exactly what he wants. The 'lost lad' greedily takes everything Harley can give and still wants more, riding the bar manager's thick uncut cock and eating his hot cum.Satisfying Lincoln has been the kind of challenge Harley loves and he's feeling content with himself, but when Dean returns to find his bar manager lying next to a cum-covered stripper, will he see it as time well spent or will Harley's next challenge be finding another Job?Featuring: Harley Everett & Lincoln Gates

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