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Guido Plaza and Ivo Kerk

I couldn't wait to get up close and personal with Guido again, so I booked him in and made sure I was getting up close with all those intimate angles, every drip, every juicy drop, every ripple of his tight little hole..... YUM! So I'd have to bring in one of my best tops, Ivo Kerk is pure, organic, beef, this could would knock the wind out of you and fuck the cum out of you, he'd kiss you like he luved you and fuck you like he hated you - you get my drift - 'rough trade top'. Ivo is a horny bastard and he luvs his sub boys, limber and spunky, his eyes were on stalks when he saw this lil firecracker. Our men fuck like animals, Guido pushing back for every inch of raw throbbing dick. YUM! and both of these hunks are of course uncut - tuck your tongue in there - between foreskin and helmet, give it a licking'!!

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