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Ivo Kerk and Maxim Bikhov

Hubba Hubba, another 'fresh-off-the-bus' cutie Maxim Bikhov to welcome to the stable of studs. We put him into the capable, hands and arms-like-legs of Ivo Kerk, and its a real hot doozy, so hot we took 'em outside! Ivo's squatting down ( and look at those thighs bulge) as he sucks Maxim's cock to rigid attention. There's a great contrast between long, smooth, dirty blonde Maxim and strapping, swarthy bearded Ivo. Guess who's gonna get fucked!? Maxim is bent over offering - nay 'begging' to have his hole filled with stiff, bareback, uncut cock. You don't have to ask over sexed stud Ivo twice he's in like Flynn pounding that tight, sweet fuck-hole for all he's worth. Then Maxim is straddling the throbbing member, watch those long muscular legs flex s his eyes close and his head drops back in the sheer ecstasy of Gspot pounding. All bareback and lots of foreskin, yum !

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