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James Lain and Dave Circus

Its been a while since we’ve seen Dave Circus, and he’s blossomed into an even more handsome, ripped young man - look at tqhoseabs, that chest, such lickable nipples like sultanas on a cake. James Lain is making his debut and is obviously impressed with Mr Circus. The lads get down and nasty in our workshop, , amongst other big, stiff, well oiled tools. James gets down and opens Dave’s over alls, slurping on his juicy, curved cock, and licking his big, swollen bollocks. Dave is rigid in seconds, much to his sub boys delight as little cutie James feels the hot meat stiffening, filling his hungry mouth. The boys strip off and get down as Dave mounts Jame’s tasty little rump. They clamber onto the worktop and james straddles the bloated meat, thrusting his hot hole, piston-like onto Dave’s throbbing member. The lads pound and pump until they can hold back no longer!

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