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Leonardo Lucatto & Oscar Wood

There's no better end to a scene than a soggy arsed bottom covered in thick, gooey jazz as his sodden, sloppy fuck hole leaves a dripping wet patch on the sofa. Oscar Wood is our hairy, tattooed, dirty blonde, big-dicked top whilst Leonardo Luccato is our well-endowed, handsome bottom. These studs are ripped, revved up and ready to go, we just tok off the muzzles and let 'em get to it!! Oscar's a well equipped guy, whilst Leonardo is a swarthy, sexy lady with a taste for the blondes, and when they're with Leonardo they really are having more fun. Leonardo sucks that juicy meat to steaming stiff attention, of course both of our studs are uncut - always an added pleasure to watch those foreskins sliding back and forth behind fingers, tongues and butt holes. Oscar pushes his study partner's head down and rides his throat before lifting Leonardo's legs up, looking him square in the eye and levelling the bloated cock of his stiff dick at Leonardo's aching, twitching fuck-hole....!

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