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Martin Hovor & Pablo Sanchez

These two cuties, were our wild cards for the month and taking a chance on two handsome newbies paid off in pints, Pablo Sanchez is our floppy haired, horned up bottom whilst his big, bulging, beefy boss-boy is Martin Hovor, and with these two lads there was very little direction, just rev 'em up, take off the muzzles and let 'em at each other. Martin is as broad and tall as you could ever dream of a top man, a big uncut dick and a hard, muscular arse to knock it in with, Pablo is very appreciative of the stud we've handed him and makes the absolute most of every, hard, tanned inch of Martin. Little cutie Pablo might not be very experienced but what he lacks in know how, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm and anyway, Martin knows how to guide this sexy sub into all the right positions so he can gain, full access to his tight, dick-milking hole. It is so sexy watching Pablo squat down on Martin's throbbing uncut cock, slowly, gingerly squeezing the meat into his fiery, fuck hole. And when that hold,e is good and opened!! just watch that cutie take a pounding

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