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Oscar Wood & Peter Connor

Is there anything more delicious than a strawberry blonde taking a big, black cock. Its the paleness of that ginger arse, that accentuates the dark, greasy pole as the pink rosebud arse hole, twitches and stretches down the cocks, girthy length. Oh yum Yes please. Our dark dicked stud is the handsome and talented Peter Connor and our very able, bendy and super horny bottom is Oscar Wood, ( he would and he do - ba boom) Oscar can't believe his luck when Peter unzips his trousers to reveal the prize, Oscar's on that cock like the oversexed cock connoisseur that he is. Peter takes full advantage of those hot lips and that tight, dick-milking throat, before he turns his whore-boy around and buries his face between those milky, downy areas cheeks and opens up that fuck-chute with a probing tongue. Oscar's going nuts, there's only one thing that can satisfy and freshly teased hole ! a hot length of throbbing cock! And just look at that load of creamy spoke that Peter wanks out of Oscar's hurting tool!

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