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Santiago Rodriguez and Ruben Martinez

AY YI YI, ( excuse my cultural appropriation) this is a scalding hot chilli pepper of super sexy Latinos as we welcome Ruben Martinez ( is that a flash of red in his sexy beard) and not very tall but VERY dark and handsome Santiago Rodriguez, they're brand spanking new, be gentle, though something tells me this aint their first time at the rodeo. Ruben is a strapping long drink of jazz and he's taking no prisoners in this very squelch bareback fuckathon, he's met his match in a very pushy bottom with Santiago. Our handsome guapos are in the fetish club wearing - not very much, which beautifully accentuates their beautiful bodies, a little hair and not there, its a scorching combo. Ruben can't wait to eat out that succulent hole and stuff it full of stick bareback cock and Santiago just LUVS every raw moment!

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