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JP Dubois & Cormac

Red-Head on Red-Head - everything they say is true, these fiery, sexy studs are more passionate! Sexy - Cormac shows Jp Dubois around a duplex, Jp's impressed but giving nothing away. Only one question when they reach the living area, ''is it overlooked'' Jp enquires, Its isn't and its a very warm flat Cormac mentions as the gents slide out of their jackets and into each others arms ( mouths, arses...) We've always loved JP's long, pink foreskin - and we've missed it, but he's back on fiery form. Cormac licks up and down the shaft of his bloated dick, nibbling on the foreskin and making sure JP is ready to be well and truly fucked - OH is he ever. JP bends and spreads to take that fat, uncut dick up his hole, but he's never a lazy bottom, he pushes back for every throbbing inch until his hole is gaping and eating for more plundering. Cormac's got all the inches, stamina and spunk to satisfy this sexy Scot ( We re not sure what the people opposite thought of the action - right next to those huge windows, have these guys NO shame? ....nope!)

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