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Luke Ward & Martin Muse

OH the thighs, I wouldn't mind spending an afternoon trapped between Luke Ward's magnificent legs, when Alexander The Great raved about his ''big legged boys'' he was dreaming of Luke. This stunning hunk is big all over, big, hard bulging muscles, look at that chest, and we pitted him against adorable, sexy, cutie - Martin Muse, who's a real treat on the eyes with his lithe, hairy legs and floppy fringe. This one was a spunky, bareback scorcher as sexy young Martin offered up everything and had that great stud hunkering down on his own stiffening, uncut cock to suck it to full attention. - Luke may be straight acting but 'not so much' with an uncircumcised dick in his mouth! Just watch as great big Luke pounds, ploughs and seeds that little cutie, the size difference in the guys is really HOT , can you imagine taking on the bruising bulk of Luke as he stretches and spunks in your raw hole - I can!!

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