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Max Torro & Ricky Ruiz

Smelly trainers/sneakers, handsome lads, a burgeoning fetish and max Torro's big, uncut donkey dick ! Yowzer, mix it all up, give it a sniff and we're in for a treat. Ricky's a sexy, cheeky chap and his strapping buddy Max is a strict sexy top. He doesn't have to be asked twice to get down on his knees and sniff max's smelly feet, this eager pup slides Max's great, big feet out of the trainers and gives his gym socks a good going over too. Ricky luvs the smell of sweaty feet and is getting himself revved up even before max unleashes his famous ''kilo of cock''. Lucky Ricky's eyes are on stalks, with his mouth open and his heart in his stomach, he knows he's gonna get fucked, but it'll be one of thew most pleasurable struggles of his young life. Max bends him over and braces him for the fucking, you can see it on Ricky's face its the biggest dick he's ever taken. Its gonna be a struggle... But once Max has broken him in good and proper he picks him up and points his monster dick into Ricky's handsome face......!

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