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Nick Aldini & Oscar Wood

Cheeky, smooth and a little bit 'chavy' Oscar is a cute lad with a big, uncut dick a hot, smooth hole and a ravenous labido. Nick Aldini was Oscar's pick of the stable, Nick luvs to run his big hands over a slender, toned body feeling his way down and around to thats saucy little dip between those firm fleshy butt cheeks, and close behind those probing fingers is that long, wet tongue and then that even longer, very stiff, uncut cock, ooooh daddy this boy is gonna get nailed. Oscar is an eager beaver and can't wait to bend over and spread for that thick dick, and when Nick has plunged, ploughed and loosened up that boy-hole he flips his cutie over and carries on pillaging - better face to face. Nick just luvs watching Oscar's handsome face screwed up in that wonderful place somewhere between pleasure and pain!

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