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Alexis Belfort & Logan Moore

Our super sexy, estate agent - Logan Moore - is back, filling his smart trousers in all the right places, - OH those buns - OH that packet! He's showing around an uppity young yuppy - Alexis Belfort - who seems unimpressed with the size of the property, ( So its size he wants - aha!!) the gentleman wander out to the balcony and look out over Manchester, its going well, but just as Logan's thinking he's got the sale in the bag, he accidentally soaks his client in the shower and with no towels to dry him and his tie proving non too absorbent - there seems to be nothing else for it but to grease the wheels of this sale with some steaming, hairy, big-cock fucking. Logan sinks to his knees to nurse on that long, veiny, uncircumcised dick, its rock hard within seconds, Alexis eagerly returns to the favour before these two sexy, tanned, ripped guys head for the bedroom. Logan wants this handsome stud on his back so he can see his face as that oversized, uncut dick slides into Alexis' juicy, budding knot of a bum hole.... unzip gents its furiously filthy!

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