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Mickey Taylor and Bruno Bernal

Our boys will bend over backwards to please. Mickey and bruno are practising their circus skills in our big cock circus of sex. Bruno is as dark and swarthy as Mickey is blonde and fair, watching their firm bodies in action is HOT. Bruno burys his handsome face in Mickey's arse crack probing and licking like a hungry dog at his arse hole, Mickey loves the attention and can feel his hole opening , yearning for a hot, rigid length of cock. But not before Bruno has taken full advantage of Mickey's uncut cock, cut guys always want what they haven't got - foreskins - Bruno likes to lick under a foreskin running his tongue between the bloated helmet andy the stretchy skin, Mickey begs Bruno to fuck him and you don't have to ask him twice, they thrash and fuck like animals until Mickey is rewarding Bruno's sterling efforts with a massive cum facial

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