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Sky, Patryck & Giorgio

A slender twink, a muscle hunk and a burly, smooth daddy, its a spunky concoction. After a night of clubbing, Skinny, big-dicked twink - Sky James sneaks in a piece of trade - muscular, hairy Patryk, BUT he's staying over with his step father so they're gonna have to be discrete. But this oversexed daddy isn't asleep, he's revved up a raring to go. Giorgio ( a real sexy find) comes quietly downstairs slides open his dressing gown and starts playing with his juicy, suckable, uncut cock and huge, engorged nipples, as his step-son strips Patryk out of his clothes, licks out his hairy hole and slides his big, uncut twink dick deep inside his tight hole. Sky invites his step father over to join in the fuck-feast. Daddy is a stunning older man and sorts out Patryk good 'n' proper as they it takes in turns sticking their long, uncircumcised cock into the boy. Patryk services them both, man and boys until his tight hole is aching, his Gspot spasming - and he's squirting all over his hard, hairy belly, closely followed by Sky's juicy spunk. Daddy takes control for his own orgasm - having the lads playing with his nipples as he squirts out THE daddy load all over this own perfect, smooth belly.

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