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Vitali Kutcher & Jamie Oliver

Oh such a handsome face, Jamie Oliver is a perfect, cute boy-next-door and when he's coupled with spunky little fucker Vitali Kutcher you know we're in for some spunky, creamy fun as these boys tease and suck, and rim and fuck. The guys get straight down to some heavy duty, petting, mutual waking and sucking each others uncut dicks, making sure they tongue each other loose foreskins, you know what that does to a man! Vital might be shorter and cute as button but he fucks like a piston and take his pleasure hot, and raw. I luv watching Jamie's handsome face creased with ecstasy as that dick slides into him, pushing all of his buttons between pleasure and pain before its fat, raw helmet lands fairly and squarely on his Gspot and drives him wild! Just watch spunky, cutie Vitali, go, he may be a bantam weight but he fucks like a heavy weight! 

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