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Zach Miro and Clive Walker

We're firing on all cylinders and so are these fresh-off-the- bus, cute first-timers, The dirty blonde, floppy haired and very sexy- Zach Miro and his rumpy-pump skin-headed top partner - Clive Walker. Of course both these stunning young men are intact, with delicious foreskins ready to be nibbled, licked and fingered - have you ever gently slid your finger between foreskin and achingly sensitive cock-helmet? mmmmm, s'nice. Zach is on his knees in a jiffy to pay due respect to Clive's big, weighty dick, he suckled on that beauty until its rock-rigid, taking it as deep as he can before turning around and spread his hot, tight, hairy buns. Gently at first, gingerly, pressing, pushing his way inside - Clive slowly opens him up ...until he's ready for a bareback ramming!

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