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Here's the scene: Two fashion types are modelling underwear for UK gay magazine. They're having such a good time and getting into each other, that they don't notice the photographer's finished shooting & the crew are leaving. The lads are soon kissing, sucking and fucking hard, oblivious to everything around them.What better setting for our two elegantly dressed young chaps than something fashionable? These two lads aren't prissy young things, they're filthy cock hounds. Ivo couldn't wait to 'work' with Harry and when we sent Harry pics of Ivo he was chomping at the bit too. It all starts off friendy enough, but as the clothes come off temperatures and cocks rise. They suck hungrily at each others cocks and it starts to get serious and Ivo's struggling to take Harry's monster dick and his merciless thrusting, but once its comfortably in Ivo takes it good and hard and absolutely fucking loves it, deep, deep inside him, Harry's banging like a piston, slapping up a storm and they squirt a massive load all over each other.

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