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Morning Glory

Sam walks into the kitchen wearing nothing but a hard-on and finds he's not as alone in the house as he'd thought...J.P. was just about to leave, but faced with a hard, uncut cock, decides to stick around and stick his own juicy fat cock in Sam's willing arse... well, it would be rude not to!Sam wakes up with a raging hard-on as usual and begins a leisurely wank. It's his day off, and as he has the all the time in the world, he decides to take a break and save his cum for later. It's also the day he has the house to himself (or so he thinks) so he doesn't wear a thing as he strolls into the kitchen, his hard, uncut cock swinging free.He's surprised to find a stranger in the house, who turns out to be a friend of his house mate who stayed the night.JP's even more surprised, as he looks up from his bag packing to find a juicy cock inches from his face and a handsome hunk attached to it! Turns out both guys love uncut cock and now that the ice has been broken... When Sam started his leisurely wank, he was dreaming of men with thick uncut cocks and now he has JP's monster sliding all the way inside him until he can hold back that big load no longer and shoots onto the glass table before feeling JP's wet cum on his face.

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