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We've been trying to get hairy young stud Toby James back for a while and at last he's here. We didn't think it possible for Toby to get any sexier... how wrong we were! Toby's joined by Kallum Ash who might be a UKNM newcommer but has been making some great porn in the U.K recently.The horny, young, hairy-chested optician has a special eye site test set aside for his cuter customers, and as Kallum Ash reads his way down the chart he realises words are being putting in his mouth - followed by Toby's hot, wet, uncut dick. Kallum can't get enough of Toby's furry body. The two studs fuck all over the examination room with Kallum more then eager to stick his sweet, smooth arse in the air and take a right royal battering.

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