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Maltese stud Tony Thorn is partying in Paris, looking drop-dead gorgeous, when he suddenly finds himself hauled into a police station on charges of... he's not sure what... the cop is speaking French and he doesn't understand a word. When the cop finds something suspicious in Tony's pocket it soon becomes clear the search won't end there...French Cop Fred Faurtin's seen his type before, these party boys always have a little something on them - and if they don't it's easily planted. Before he knows it, Tony's naked and exposed, he's being probed, then his mouth is suddenly full of French cock - and lots of it. He'll soon feel Fred's thick uncut cock pushing its way into his virgin hole and pounding hard. Fred Faurtin's first perfomance for UKNM is scorching, and Tony Thorn rides cock for the first time ever! Another of our member's requests is in here and it's quite something to see, with intense, shuddering cum-shots from both guys ... and we learnt a new word!

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