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The Present

Rick Bauer returns for our nod to the festive season and he's bearing gifts - well just a couple actually and they're both for his buddy Enrico. The first is a vieny black dildo which makes Enrico's eyes light up when he sees it. He can't wait to have Rick use it on his puckered hole and feel its length opening him up as it slides inside, right up to the hilt. When the dildo has loosened Enrico's arse and he's begging for more, Rick brings out his second present - seven inches of stiff uncut cock, which slips in nicely until his hairy nuts are slapping against Enrico's buttocks as he gives his buddy a festive stuffing to remember. The feel of Rick's cock head rubbing his g-spot soon has Enrico shooting a white load on his belly which Rick adds to seconds later. They collapse in a pool of cum. It makes you feel all warm inside.

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