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A Very Personal Trainer

Once more into the Sweatbox - and its getting even hotter. There's a distinctly spicy, latin flavour this time as muscle-bound gym trainer Carioca takes young pup Rafael in hand, putting him through his paces with a thorough work out. Rafael is flat on his back pumping iron but can't help noticing that his trainer has forgotten to wear a jock strap and that Carioca's dark meat is straining against his gymshorts. Slipping a hand inside, he feels the weight of the mighty muscle, and pretty soon his own sphincter muscle is being worked to breaking point... The workout gets more intense as Raphael services his trainer's uncut, rock-hard cock with his hot mouth... suddenly Carioca's pumping his arse like a piston, then pulling his cock out and drenching the lad in jizz. It's an intense workout and Raphael will probably be a little sore afterwards, but as they say 'no pain no gain'. If our personal trainer used the same techniques as Carioca we'd visit the gym every day!

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