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Michael Gold

Poor Michael Gold, lured to an empty factory for some sleazy anonymous sex, but one turns up ( come on gents we've all been there!!) But this sexy, chav needs to blow a nut, so he tunes into some porn on his phone, sent by some sleazy chums, and slides his sweaty, eager hands down his own pants to fondle and fumble with his own burgeoning length of long-foreskinned cock. This over sexed lad is soon rock hard in his under pants, and pulls them down to reveal the pulsating length - and of course director - Dirty George - gets in there CLOSE so you can count the hairs on that veiny dick. Of course there's lots of foreskin play and close ups of butt hole and bulging bollocks. And of course when this guys body clenches and his nuts grip, and the cum starts to flow...we do't miss a drop. lick it up - spunkalicious !

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